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Rock n Roll Guns For Hire: The Story of the Sidemen BBC (Documentary)
Trump on Culture: Brave New World? BBC (Documentary)
David Bowie: Last Five Years BBC (Documentary)
Homestead Rescue RAWTV for Discovery Channel Series, director of photography 6 episodes
El Greco, an Artist's Odyssey National Gallery (Video documentary)
Stealing Chanel Indie (additional photography) / (director of photography: "Young Giorgio")
Timeshift (TV Series documentary) (camera - 1 episode)
- Bullseyes and Beer: When Darts Hit Britain (2014) ... (camera)
2014 Afghanistan: The Lion's Last Roar? (TV Mini-Series documentary)
- Episode #1.2 (2014)
- Episode #1.1 (2014)
2004-2014 Imagine BBC (TV Series documentary) (4 episodes)
- The Art That Hitler Hated: The Sins of the Fathers (2014)
- Philip Roth Unleashed, Part One (2014)
- Being Hamlet (2006)
- The Mysterious Mr. Hopper (2004)
2014 Making Space: 5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture Indie (Documentary)
2014 Bible Rules History Channel (Documentary)
Newsflash: Stories That Stopped the World (TV Movie documentary) (lighting camera)
David Bowie: Five Years BBC (Documentary)
Scorned: Love Kills (TV Series) (1 episode)
- The Millionaire's Mistress (2013)
2012 George Bellows (Video documentary)
Dark Matters: Twisted But True (TV Series documentary) (3 episodes)
- Agent Orange, Ben Franklin: Freud Slayer, Price of Beauty (2012)
- I Have Einstein's Brain/Unidentified Flying Nazis/Killer Thoughts (2011)
- The Philadelphia Experiment/Ape-Man Army/Zapped to Death (2011)
2012 Engels: On My Way... Someway, Somehow Indie (Documentary) (post-production)
Everything or Nothing: 50 Years of James Bond (Feature Documentary)
Taboo (TV Series documentary) (6 episodes)
- Extreme Bodies (2012)
- Ugly (2012)
- Freaky Remedies (2012)
- Extreme Fighting (2012)
- Odd Couples (2012)
- Prison Love (2011)
2013 Secret Voices of Hollywood (TV Movie documentary) (camera operator)
Dispatches CH4 (TV Series documentary) (camera operator - 1 episode)
- Britain's Hidden Child Abuse (2013) ... (camera operator)
2006-2013 Nova PBS (TV Series documentary) (camera operator - 3 episodes)
- Decoding Neanderthals (2013) ... (camera operator)
- Doctors' Diaries: Part Two (2009) ... (camera operator)
- Jewel of the Earth (2006) ... (camera operator)
2012 Curiosity (TV Series documentary) (camera operator - 1 episode)
- Megastorm (2012) ... (camera operator)
2012 Taboo (TV Series documentary) (additional camera - 2 episodes)
- Strange Behavior (2012) ... (additional camera)
- Living with the Dead (2012) ... (additional camera)
2012 Party Like the Queen of France (TV Movie) (camera operator)
Party Like the Rich and Famous (TV Movie) (camera operator)
Children of 9/11 (TV Movie documentary) (camera operator)
Faulks on Fiction BBC (TV Series documentary) (additional photographer - 1 episode)
- The Hero (2011) ... (additional photographer)
2010 Modern Masters BBC (TV Mini-Series documentary) (cinematographer - 4 episodes)
- Dali (2010) ... (cinematographer)
- Picasso (2010) ... (cinematographer)
- Matisse (2010) ... (cinematographer)
- Warhol (2010) ... (cinematographer)
2010 Independent Lens (TV Series documentary) (camera operator - 1 episode)
- Young@Heart (2010) ... (camera operator)
2010 The Culture Show BBC (TV Series documentary) (1 episode)
- Keith Richards: A Culture Show Special (2010)
2010 Hoarding: Buried Alive Discovery (TV Series documentary) (1 episode)
- Joyce & Norine (2010)
2010 9/11 State of Emergency CH4 (TV Movie documentary) (director of photography)
Vlast (Power) Indie (Documentary)
America: The Story of Us (TV Series documentary) (director of photography - 3 episodes)
- Superpower (2010) ... (director of photography)
- Cities (2010) ... (director of photography)
- Boom (2010) ... (director of photography)
2009 Art in the Twenty-First Century BBC (TV Series documentary) (2 episodes)
- Systems (2009)
- Transformation (2009)
2009 Latin Music USA (TV Series) (1 episode)
- The Salsa Revolution (2009)
2008-2009 Big, Bigger, Biggest (TV Series documentary) (director of photography - 2 episodes)
- Cruise Liner (2009) ... (director of photography)
- Skyscraper (2008) ... (director of photography)
2009 China's Capitalist Revolution (Feature Documentary)
Locked Up Abroad (TV Series documentary) (1 episode)
- Cuba (2009)
2009 The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story (Feature Documentary)
How the Earth Was Made (TV Series documentary) (1 episode)
- New York (2009)
2009 Iran and the West (TV Series documentary) (3 episodes)
- Nuclear Confrontation (2009)
- The Pariah State (2009)
- The Man Who Changed the World (2009)
2009 1929: The Great Crash (TV Movie documentary)
A to Z: Professor Turner's Sexist Rating System (Video short) (director of photography)
The Cast's Guide to Dating (Video short) (director of photography)
Sharkbite Summer (TV Movie documentary)

"HEROD'S TOMB" National Geographic Special (2008 HD) On location in Israel and re-creations in Ouarzazate, Morocco 2007-8 (broadcast Nov. 2008). DIR: James Barrat.
"ILLICIT: THE DARK TRADE" PBS Special, (2008 HD) Based on the book by Moises Naim and filmed in Bogota, Columbia, Panama CIty, Panama, Hong Kong, and various locations in the U.S. and Mexico. DIR: Helen Fitzwilliam.
"THE BOYS" Disney Feature Documentary. (2007 HD) The creative life of the Sherman Brothers who wrote all the Disney film and world music that we all know. Directed by Jeff and Greg Sherman. To be released early 2009.
“HIGH FALLS” (2007 HD w/35mm Lensing) 30 minute film with Maggie Gylenhaal and Peter Saarsgard. •Sundance Short Film selection
“BRILLIANT BRAIN” National Geographic (2007 HD) S series of 3 programs exploring how the brain works in a chess master and an autistic savant using FMRIs.
“GREEN, THE NEW RED, WHITE AND BLUE” (2006 HD 90 min.) DISCOVERY NYT Columnist and writer Thomas Friedman on alternatives to our addiction to oil.
“9/11: THE FALLING MAN” (2005 for 2006 Release Digibeta PAL) British Ch. 4 Feature doc (Discovery Channel release in USA Feb. 2007 • Nominated for BAFTA, INTERNATIONAL EMMY, and BROADCAST AWARDS for Best Documentary. • 2006 NY FILM FESTIVAL WORLD MEDAL. Directed by Henry Singer.
“THE REAL DETECTIVES with BO DIETL (2005/6 DVCPro50) Lion Television for Discovery Channel. Pilot for series with infamous Detective following up on old cases. DIR: Billy Shebar.
“ONCE IN A LIFETIME” (2005 Varicam Miramax) The rise and fall of the N.Y. Cosmos. The soccer team that brought Pele to America; against the backdrop of N.Y. City in the 70's. Screened at Tribeca Film Festival 2006 and in theater’s worldwide.
“JANE GOODALL'S WHEN ANIMALS TALK” (2005 DigiBeta) Discovery Channel Special.
“THE MYSTERIOUS MR. HOPPER” (2004 Digibeta) BBC Imagine Series w/Alan Yentob.
“SHADOWING THE THIRD MAN” (2004 S16mm Turner Classic Movies) . • 2005 NY FESTIVAL WORLD MEDAL
“THE JAZZ MESSENGER” (2004 National Geographic) Profile of Russian Jazz master Valerie Ponomorov. • 2004 CINE GOLDEN EAGLE
“IMAGINE IMAGINE” (2004 S16mm ITN) Film explores the song “Imagine” around the world. With Yoko Ono and Mick Jagger and many others.
“WE BUILT THIS CITY: NEW YORK” (2003 HDCAM) Discovery HD and DISCOVERY. Hour-long special explores how Manhattan was crafted from the 1800s to the present.
“BECOMING AMERICAN: THE CHINESE EXPERIENCE” (2002-3 PBS BetaSP &16mm) 3 hour Series hosted by Bill Moyers. Produced by Lennon Productions.
“HEROES OF GROUND ZERO” (2002 Digibeta BBC & PBS) account of the firefighters in two New York City firehouses as they struggle to cope in the aftermath of 9/11.
“ANNIE PROULX: WAY OUT WEST” (2001-2 BBC Omnibus PAL DIGI & S16mm) Doc accompanies author as she researches and writes new novel based on Texas panhandle. DIR: David Stewart.
“LEE MILLER: A CRAZY WAY OF SEEING” (2001 BBC S16mm) 55 minute doc. on legendary model, artist, and photographer. Filmed in Cairo and Paris and New York. DIR: Sarah Aspinal
“WINGSPAN” w/PAUL McCARTNEY, MPL Productions (2001 British Ch. 4 & WABC PAL DigiBeta) Mary Donald, Paul’s 1st daughter interviews her father throughout 2 hr. archival program on the band Wings.
“THE HUMAN FACE” (2000-2001 BBC1 & TLC S16mm) 2 of 4 Programs hosted by John Cleese and with appearances by Michael Palin and Elizabeth Hurley . FAME and BEAUTY. • EMMY NOMINATED for Outstanding Cinematography. DIR: David Stewart.
“MUMMIES: UNWRAPPED” Café Productions (2000 TLC 50 min. S16mm) Interviews and dramatic reconstructions Hosted by world renowned archealogist Bob Brier.
“THE HUNT” (2000 BBC & TLC 50 min. S16mm) Dramatic tales of forensic investigations & science.
“AMERICA AFTER DARK” (1999-2000 TRAVEL CHANNEL) 4-hour Series, 20 vignettes of Americans across the country on offbeat and/or exciting nocturnal adventures. • 2000 TELLY AWARD (also Wrote/Series Produced and Directed).
“CLOSE-UP: JACKSON POLLOCK” (1999 BBC 50 min. S16mm) Portrait of the artist. DIR: Terese Griffith. “NEW STAR IN ORBIT” (1998-9 BBC Horizon 50 min. Digibeta) Probing inquiry into the actual costs and scientific value of the planned international space station. Directed by Ed Harriman.
“ART HOUSE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ANAIS NIN” (1998 Ch. 4 UK – 50 min. 16mm). Recreations and Interviews unraveling the character of an extraordinary person. Produced by Jess Search.
“BOOKMARK: IN SEARCH OF SAUL BELLOW” (1998 BBC - 1hr. S16mm) Writer Martin Amis in conversation with Mr. Bellow questions a writer’s motivations. With dramatizations of key Bellow fictional moments. DIR: Sarah Aspinal.
“SOUTHBANK SHOW: THIS IS NOT AN EXIT” (1998 Bravo/Ch. 4 UK 90 min. S16mm) The world of Bret Easton Ellis filmed in verité and docudrama. Released theatrically on 35mm in London and New York summer /fall 1998.
“NAKED NASHVILLE” (1997 Bravo/BBC - three 1 hr. DigiBeta) The conflict between personal ideals and commercial politics in Country Music looked at via the songwriters and artists. DIR: Terese Griffith and Joanna Bailey.
“PALEOWORLD” (1997 Discovery Channel – 3x30 min. 16mm) Three episodes in a series on current theories and dramatizing the era of the dinosaur at key sites with geologists, artifacts and models.
“THE NEW SCIENCE OF PSYCHEDELICS” (1996 Discovery/BBC - 1 hr. 16mm) Shot in Brazil, Canada & California the program examines communal, therapeutic and exploratory uses of hallucinogens.
“NAKED CLASSICS: THE BOSS & THE STAR” (1996 Bravo/Ch.4 UK - two 1 hr. Super16mm) Films explore the art & business issue. Part 1: Alagna, up & coming tenor, Part 2: Joseph Volpe at New York’s Metropolitan Opera.
“THE SOUTHBANK SHOW: CLAES OLDENBURG” (1995 Bravo/BBC - 1 hr. Super16mm) Acclaimed Arts program featuring the artist setting up retrospective exhibit at Guggenheim museum and working in his Soho studio.
“THE REAL X-FILES” (1995 BBC/Discovery Channel - 1 hr. 16mm) Special chronicling a writer’s journey into U.S. military training programs in which soldiers used ESP to gather intelligence data.
“REPUTATIONS: MUHAMMED ALI” (1995 BBC/A&E - 1 hr. 16mm & video) A series re-examining the characters and reputations of great figures in the last few decades. Interviews and location footage.
“SEX, LIES AND JERZY KOSINSKI” (1994-95 BBC - 1 hr. 16mm) Feature documentary attempts to unravel some of Kosinski’s personal secrets and motivations. • Nominated for 1995 INTERNATIONAL EMMY
“PHILIP JOHNSON: GODFATHER OF AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE” (1993 BBC 1hr. 16mm) Film features many colleagues and images of the man; and critically examines his career and motivations. • Nominated BAFTA 1993
“A VAMPIRE’S LIFE” (1994 BBC/Lifetime - 1 hr. 16mm) Film conveys the world which inspires the author Anne Rice. DIR: Anand Tucker. • AWARDED British Film & TV Academy (BAFTA) 1994 BEST ARTS DOCUMENTARY
“THE QUESTION OF EQUALITY” (1993-94 PBS & ITVS as “OVER THE RAINBOW” - two 1hrs. 16mm & Video)
A four-part series chronicling and exploring the voices and history of the lesbian & gay civil rights movement.
“POWER PLAYS” (1992 PBS & Ch.4 UK as “NAKED SPORTS” - 3 hrs. PAL Video) Six-part series exploring the underside of American sports. Part 1: Boxing, Part 2: Football, Part 4: Agents. DIR: Anand Tucker
“SHOOTING STAR: THE LIFE OF JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT” (1990 British Ch.4 - 1 hr. PAL Video). Interviews and imagery from the life of the artist. DIR: Geoff Dunlop.

As well as many hundreds of small contributions to dozens of other programs and networks in various countries such as...
Nightline, UpClose, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Frontline, Oprah. City Arts, A&E Biography, MSNBC Edgewise, Day One, Inside Edition, Eye To Eye, Front Page, Street Stories, PM Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Jesse Jackson Show, MTV, VH1, A&E Revue, American Edge (host links & stories), FrontPage, The Eleventh Hour, New Passages, Friday night videos, Guys & Dolls: the Recording" Great Performances by Miramax Productions...
From the UK... BBC Imagine, Science, Horizon, and Arts, Close-Up, The Works, American Visions, Inside Story, Passengers, The Late Show & Specials, Eyewitness, Dispatches, The Media Show, Omnibus, BookMark, etc...

Interviewees & Subjects have included:
Dick Van Dyke, Moby, Bono, Trump, Bill Clinton, Billy Joel, Mary Tyler Moore, John Cale, Ron Howard, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, David Byrne, Annie Proulx, Dennis Potter, Oliver Stone, Francis Ford Coppolla, Martin Sheen, Jessica Lang, Dizzie Gillespie, Paul McCartney, Richard Nixon, Terri Gilliam, Whoopi Goldberg, John Sayles, Annie Lebovitz, Monica Lewinski, Joni Mitchell, Quincy Jones, Lili Tomlin, Martin Scorcese, Bernardo Bertolucci, Franco Zefferelli, Richard Dreyfus, Paul Simon, B.B. King, Patti LaBell, Isabella Rosselini, Misha Baryshnikov, William Friedkin, Costa Gavras, Spike Lee, Carly Simon, Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Elton John, Norman Mailer, Marielle Hemingway, Mandy Patinkin, Henry Kissinger, Daniel Ortega, and many others.

Corporate and Industrial HIGHLIGHTS:
ANN TAYLOR and ANN TAYLOR LOFT (2007-9) DP on Seasonal hi-profile photo shoots. 4 shoots/year. Footage is used on the website.
VERIZON CORPORATE BROADCAST (1995-Present FIlm, SD, HD) High-end corporate communications, employees’ education and orientation, and training.
BATWIN AND ROBIN PRODUCTIONS (2005-2007 HD) Footage and Scenarios filmed at Parris Island Marine Boot Camp for use in state-of-the-art displays at new US Marine Corp Museum in Quantico.
“EVERY KIND OF PEOPLE” (2004-5 S16mm) Worldwide Corporate film for TNT Logistics and Express. Portraits of employees in ten countries for 25 minute corporate identity film. •2005 NY FILM & TV FESTIVAL SILVER MEDAL
BATWIN AND ROBIN PRODUCTIONS (HD 2004-2005) Footage and Scenarios for new Center for Disease Control Office Lobby Exhibit. FIlmed Doc style stories and gathers imagery.
GORMAN MULTIMEDIA LTD. (Director 1995-present) Presentation and promotional films and video for various leading Fashion and Cosmetics Industry companies.
PRUDENTIAL SECURITIES “DIGITAL ASSISTANT” (1999 16mm & Video BlueScreen) Dramatic rendering of hi- tech financial handling and communications services of the future.
NYNEX “NYNEX YEARS” (1997 16mm & Video BlueScreen) Retrospective of company accomplishments before transition to Bell Atlantic. • 1997 TELLY AWARD
NYNEX “THE CODE” (1995 16mm) Scenarios dramatize examples of work ethics issues in employee’s work and personal lives. Distribution to 20,000 employees. • 1996 TELLY AWARD
OGDEN CORPORATION INT’L SALES FILM (1994-5 16mm) Worldwide shooting for Corporate image film showing vast international presence and varied services. • 1995 TELLY AWARD
“ASTOR HAIR: TAKING A SHORT CUT” (DP & Co-Director 1986) 5-minute promotional music video; • First Place 1986 Fashion Video Awards, and Bronze Medal at 29TH Int’l. Film & TV Festival
CORPORATE CLIENTS have included:
American Express, IBM, Bell Atlantic, Prudential Securities, Merrill Lynch, Pepsi, Lipton Tea, General Foods, Conair Corporation, Anne Klein, Estee Lauder, Hill & Knowlton, Reader’s Digest, Winthrop Pharmaceuticals, Pfeizer Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Reports, Con Edison, The Bowery Bank, Citibank, Hokuriko Bank of Japan, Mt. Sinai Hospital of New York, Smith-Corona, Maxwell Communications, and many others.
Commercial, MUSIC and Promotional Highlights: "REVLON" POINT-OF-PURCHASE & WEB VIDEOS - RPM MEDIA (2006-Present HD) Product Info and
Orientation presentations, beauty and branding imagery. Directed by Christina Hadjniak
"NED LAMONT" POLITICAL SPOTS (2006 HVX200 P2 w/35mm Lensing) Subliminal Pictures. Director: Mo Husseini
"JUMP TV" (2005-6 PAL Digi) Spots and Promos for web sites and local broadcast. “IT’S A HOLIDAY” (2005 S16 & S8mm film) Wyclef Jean Music Video, Plum TV.
"LOGO Channel" Opening video sequence (2005 HD & HDV) Green screen and Location filming for MTV’s Launch of new Logo Channel.
PBS “BE MORE” National mini-doc ad Campaign (2003-4 S16mm PBS) Series of 12 minidoc spots (:60s and :120s). • WINNER 2003 SILVER TELLY AWARD
“9/11 PORTRAITS OF COURAGE” UPN (2002 S16mm & Digibeta) CBS Productions 5 - 30 sec tributes.
“ANTI-RACISM SPOTS” Scottish Television (2002 S16mm) Hands On Productions. Series of 30 sec Spots. “TECHNICAL AT ALBANY” Univ. at Albany (2001 S16mm) Hudson Filmworks 2 - 30 sec Spot. “SPIC & SPAN: Cinch” Code Films (2001 S16mm) 30 sec Spot. “PILLSBURY: Totino Pizza Rolls” D’arcy (2001 S16mm) 15 sec Spot.
“HEATHER NOVA: (1999 S16mm) Music Video.
“TINA TURNER & EROS” (1997 BMG 16mm) Package of Interviews and Behind-the-Scenes recording session.
“THE KITCHEN” (1996 Indie 16mm) PSA one of seven in Hiroshima 50th anniversary series. With Molly Ringwald.
“GET UP STAND UP” (1996 Amnesty International) :60 PSA featuring Maxi Priest, Shaggy and Rayvon with a group rendition of Bob Marley’s classic song.
“MORPHINE: HONEY WHITE” & “SUPERSEX” Rycodisc (1995 16mm) Music Videos. “FRIZZ-EASE” & “SIGNATURE LINE” JOHN FRIEDA, INC. (1990-96 35 & 16mm) and Co-Directed National
spots for popular hair products.
“BODY CONSCIOUS” ESTEÉ LAUDER (1991 16mm) Point-of-purchase film for PRESCRIPTIVES product promotion.
“INSIDE EDITION” SHOW OPENING (1990 16mm) 25 second “pass the videotape” montage seen daily 1993-95.

Commercial and Promotional Clients have included:
Arista, BMG, Bad Boy Records, Bravo Romance Channel, CBS Records, Code Films, Creative Networks International, LaFace Records, Lifetime, Longview Entertainment, MTV, Miramax, Oxygen, RCA Records, VH1, WABC and others.

Special Production Skills & Resources:
DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHY & WORKFLOW, 35mm, 16mm, HDCAM, Varicam, Small Format HD, DigiBeta, Beta SP and PAL friendly. Mac Very Friendly. Location and Studio Lighting, Handheld Work, Travel-ready. Owner of Panasonic HDX900 and Sony BVW-400A Video Camera and accessories, Tungsten lights, Cinekinetic Minijib and Hollywood Microdolly. FCP Online & Offline with MATROX MX02 HD/SD Interface -owner/operator. EXCELLENT ACCESS to EVERYTHING ELSE and EXCELLENT RELATIONSHIPS with SUPPLIERS!!!

A professional filmmaker, cinematographer, director and producer for over 25 years, Richard’s work has been seen internationally and his production experience has taken him all over the U.S. and much of the world.
His company, Relay Productions, Inc., produces independent projects and also provides film and video production and post-production services for numerous broadcast, corporate, and commercial clients since 1981.
In 2002 Richard received an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for TLC's "The Human Face" with John Cleese and Elizabeth Hurley. Other notable documentaries for which Richard has shot entire or principal photography include: Discovery HD Channel’s “WE BUILT THIS CITY: NEW YORK, BBC’s portrait of Anne Rice: “A Vampire’s Life” (Winner BAFTA Best Arts Documentary); the three-hour series “Naked Nashville” which takes an under the skirts look at American Country music, and which airs regularly on Bravo, BBC’s “Bookmark: In Search of Saul Bellow”; Channel 4 UK’s “Art House: the Life and Times of Anais Nin”; Channel 4 UK’s “Shooting Star: The Short Life of Jean-Michel Basquiat”; BBC’s “Philip Johnson: the Godfather of American Architecture, and many other "interesting" titles. He also has a national series of spots that he filmed still running on PBS, entitled “Be More.
Richard has directed and produced television dramatizations, host links, and award-winning promotional and awareness films for network and Cable TV, and more from his heart, for non-profit organizations such as Jazz at Lincoln Center, Care For The Homeless and the New York Organ Donor Network. On the corporate side he has recently completed an award winning world -wide corporate film for the international logistics and delivery company TNT Express Global Logistics and continues to DP for Verizon on their high end projects.
As owner and director of Relay Productions, Inc. Richard has supervised, consulted, created, directed, and orchestrated every possible phase of production and gained an extensive and internationally acclaimed clientele.
Richard's crew mates and production associates are consistently excellent creative and technical personnel selected for efficiency, personality, good-humor, and sensitivity to material.
Client list includes: HBO, TLC, ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, A&E, BBC, Discovery Channel, Arista, Lifetime, Bravo, Miramax, Cabin Creek Films, British Channel 4, and many others.